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Bright Horizons College Coach®

College Coach was formed after founders Stephen Kramer and Michael London saw how stressed families were about applications.

They assembled a team of former admissions officers from top colleges to give families personalized and actionable advice built from their real experiences assessing applications and essays, making admissions decisions, and knowing what helped students stand out.

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About College Coach

Founded in 1998, we’ve become the leader in educational advising thanks to our personalized approach and proven results.

Continuing to Grow

In 1999, College Coach began offering a version of its services through employers as an employee benefit. Many employers signed on. Seven years later, the company joined Bright Horizons as one of its family of benefits.

Our Insider Blog and the Getting In: A College Coach Conversation podcast has made us an authority both for families and news outlets looking for insights and expert industry commentary.

Every year, we continue to look forward to helping a new group of future graduates reach their educational dreams.

Our Client Support Team

Elizabeth Heaton

Elizabeth Heaton

College Admissions Consultant
I began my admissions career at the University of Pennsylvania, where I chaired university selection committees, evaluated potential athletic recruits as one of the school's athletics liaisons, and oversaw the university's portfolio of admissions publications. I also served as second chair in the selection committee for the school's flagship interdisciplinary Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology. A frequent contributor to USA TODAY and The Huffington Post and a graduate of Cornell University, I bring exceptional skills to the craft of essay writing paired with experience reading and evaluating thousands of admissions essays. I can offer expert advice on a wide range of college admissions topics, from colleges' expectations for high school curriculum choices and standardized test scores to choosing the right extracurricular activities and essay topics. Prior to joining the University of Pennsylvania, I worked as a public relations professional and served for a decade as a member of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network.
Stacy Raddock

Stacy Raddock

College Admissions Consultant
I worked in a variety of professional roles in education before joining College Coach in 2005. I began my career in admissions at Columbia University, where I served as the associate director of MBA admissions. While at Columbia, I was responsible for the recruitment, selection, and enrollment of domestic and international students in addition to advising the student arm of the admissions office and managing the application process operations. While completing my master's degree, I worked in Student Development and Activities at Columbia University, advising student organization leaders. My other positions in education have included a behind-the-scenes role in the business office at the Dalton School and admissions for a study abroad program.
Amanda Jarvis

Amanda Jarvis

Customer Care and Support Specialist
Amanda Jarvis brings to College Coach a passion for providing exceptional customer service and creating positive experiences for all clients, especially during the important process of applying to and selecting the right college. In her role, she supports the Client Services team, serving as a dedicated customer liaison to each family throughout their admissions journey. She is available to help with any concerns families have along the way, and is committed to doing her part to make sure students and parents have a stress-free and successful college admissions process. Amanda graduated cum laude from Bryant University with a major in marketing and minor in sociology.
Erica Blades

Erica Blades

Senior Director, Client Services
Erica Blades brings a lifelong passion for education to College Coach. In her role as Senior Director, Erica connects with families looking for guidance on how to navigate the college admissions process and matches them with a College Coach expert who will help them achieve their goals. Before joining College Coach, Erica graduated cum laude from University of Rhode Island with a dual bachelor of arts in elementary education and psychology. She also earned teaching licenses in the states of Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Erica joined College Coach to help families and students find their way to a better future. To Erica, there’s nothing better than the excitement a family feels after they’ve just received the letter they’ve been waiting for with the response they were hoping for: ACCEPTED.
Mollie O'Connor

Mollie O’Connor

Director, Client Services
Before joining College Coach, Mollie O’Connor worked at Fordham University, her alma mater, as an assistant director of admission. There she worked closely with students and their families to educate them on the university and help them make informed decisions about one of the biggest and most exciting decisions of their lives—where to attend college! After leaving college admissions to explore a career in marketing and sales, Mollie found that she missed the vibrancy of working with this demographic. As director of client services with College Coach, she loves getting to know about each student’s unique goals and experiences and matching them with a College Coach admissions expert who can best guide them through the college search and application process. The best reward for Mollie is when a once stressed and worried parent ends a phone call feeling excited by possibility and relieved that College Coach is here to help!


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