Finance Expert Careers with College Coach

Are you passionate about helping families find the right college at the right price? Do you believe that a carefully crafted long-term college finance plan can help families make their children’s college dreams come true? Do you think about how families could have prepared better to cover their children’s college finance obligations?

Our college finance experts are experienced financial aid professionals who know the ins and outs of college financing. Working with parents of newborns through college seniors, they help families understand how to save and pay for college as well as how to determine what is affordable. College Coach finance experts work independently in a fast-paced environment. They are excellent communicators, both in person and in writing. Although travel is not required, some of our experts enjoy visiting locations throughout the United States as part of their work with College Coach.

College Coach experts enjoy flexible schedules and the benefits of working with a team of professionals who both share their background and can provide added support and guidance. Opportunities for professional development are also available.

Current finance expert openings:

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“As a former Director of Financial Aid, by the time I met with students they were on the eve of enrollment and had limited funding options. College Coach provides the forum to work with families long before the enrollment commences. We have an opportunity to plan, prepare, and predict; therefore creating more freedom and flexibility for the student. With College Coach, I’m able to share with clients what I’ve learned through professional experiences at a time that benefits the family the most.”

- Cynde Quinn, Former College Finance Officer from Hesser College


"There is nothing tougher for a financial aid officer than talking to parents who simply cannot afford to send their children to college. When I worked as a financial aid officer, my colleagues and I often talked about how we wished we could talk to parents of fourth graders and set them on the right track. College Coach allows me to do that."

- Robert Weinerman, Former College Finance Officer from MIT