College Coach Admissions Consulting Founders

College Coach was founded in 1998 by Stephen Kramer and Michael London. Roommates in college, the two recognized the intensifying competition within the college admissions landscape and launched the company to assist families with the increasingly complicated admissions process.

College Admissions Consulting for Students and Families

College Coach was readily embraced by students and families. Realizing the value of insider information, Mr. Kramer and Mr. London formed a team of advisors by recruiting former senior admissions officers from top colleges — a practice that continues to make College Coach unique.

College Admissions Consulting for Employers

In 1999, College Coach also began offering its services through employers as a benefit to employees. The innovative service was immediately embraced by several top employers who saw the organizational value in assisting their workforce with this potentially distracting process.

College Coach Growth

On August 31, 2006, College Coach became part of Bright Horizons, the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care and work/life solutions. Since then, employer-sponsored programs have expanded to include topics for families with school-age through high school students, offering guidance on areas including study skills, course selection, and saving for college. Most recently, the group added services for students with autism spectrum disorders and a “Spotlight” workshop series aimed at a list of very specific college concerns, such as admission to selective schools, filing the FAFSA, applying as a recruited athlete, or financial aid for military veterans.

Today, College Coach assists more than 32,000 families a year through individual college advising and employer-sponsored services.