Why Use Our Admissions Consultants?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can College Coach help my child get into college?

College Coach educational consultants take the stress out of the college admissions process by providing independent college counseling and expert advising on every step, from the college search, through essays, interviews, scholarship searches, and more. Our one-on-one assistance opens even reluctant students up to the process and eases friction between parent and child during this stressful time.

Why pay for a college admissions counseling service?

College Coach consultants have all worked as senior admissions officers at top colleges. That means we can advise your child based on first-hand knowledge and offer guidance based on what we know colleges are looking for. Our team of full-time educational consultants are focused on your child, and dedicated to helping students create applications that demonstrate their unique personalities, interests, and strengths. Equally important, by helping students find the best college matches, our service pays you back by helping ensure that your tuition investment is spent wisely.

What's the difference between a guidance counselor and a College Coach admissions advisor?

Guidance counselors are stretched thin — 407 students to one advisor, according to the U.S. Department of Education* – with extremely limited time per student. Also, unlike College Coach's team of college consultants, they’ve never sat in the decision-maker’s chair at a college.

What types of students use College Coach?

We have worked with students from all 50 states in the U.S. and 18 different countries abroad, who come from public schools, parochial, private, and home-school environments.

Are you only focused on helping students looking at elite and Ivy League schools?

No. College Coach helps students of all academic abilities find their college fit. Our students have collectively been admitted to more than 600 colleges of all types across the country during the past three years.

What makes College Coach different from other college admissions advising services?

College Coach isn’t just one expert but a whole team of former admissions officers, with a collective knowledge base that can be tapped into for specific information about top colleges throughout the country. Learn more about College Coach college educational consultants and what sets us apart.

How would College Coach help my child with deadlines?

Your consultant will provide a personalized action plan, detailed deadline schedule, and regular communication to make sure your child is aware of the responsibilities and on track. Our customers generally find that working with a College Coach expert actually saves them time and breaks up the overwhelming process into manageable pieces that fit into a busy schedule.

How flexible are your consultants when it comes to scheduling?

Our consultants work full time for College Coach and maintain flexible schedules – with some evening and/or weekend hours – to accommodate busy student and family schedules.

What if we don’t live near a College Coach Office?

College Coach has a proven track record of higher education consulting, working successfully with students worldwide. Our experts are available by phone, videoconference, email, and text.

When is the right time to begin my child's college action plan with College Coach?

College Coach works with students throughout their high school years. Starting in 9th grade allows you to plan efficiently for college with private educational counseling from the get-go, but we also partner successfully with families who find us during their student’s senior year.

What is the parents' role in the college admission process?

Our goal is to get your student to own the process and most meetings will be between advisor and student. That said, we understand that this is your investment and are always available by phone, email, or in person to answer questions or address concerns.

Does College Coach offer consulting on financial aid and college tuition planning?

Yes. College Coach has a staff of former college finance officers who can work with you to evaluate your family’s resources and create a strategy for how to pay for college.

Can we meet with the advisor before we commit?

Yes. We want to ensure that you are matched with the appropriate advisor for your needs and your child’s personality. Please contact us to discuss our offerings and to determine whether a consultation makes sense for your needs.