Why Use Our Admissions Consultants?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can College Coach help my child with the college admissions process?

At College Coach, our experienced team of educational consultants, comprised of former admissions and finance officers at some of the nation’s top institutions, offers a unique view of the college admissions process.  Our one-on-one guidance means that you work with a dedicated expert supported by the larger team to personalize your experience and address your individual goals. We help take the stress out of planning and applying by providing expert advising on every step, from curriculum planning and the college search to essays, interviews, college finance assistance, and more. For more information, please visit our services page or contact us to speak with a sales director. 

What makes College Coach different from other college admissions advising services?

College Coach was founded in 1998, which means we’ve been helping guide students and families through the admissions process for more than 20 years. But by far the biggest difference between us and anyone else is our experienced, full-time team, all of whom were former admissions or finance officers at some of the nation’s top institutions where they read the essays, reviewed the applications, and made admissions and financial aid decisions. College Coach isn’t just one expert, but a whole team of experts, with a collective knowledge base that can be tapped into for specific information about colleges throughout the country. Our team prides itself on the depth of our shared knowledge and our ethical, student-centered approach to the admissions process. Moreover, unlike many college consultants, our team members are all full-time employees of College Coach. Learn more about College Coach college educational consultants and what sets us apart.

What is the cost of College Coach services?

The cost of College Coach services varies depending on a few factors, including the package you’re interested in, your child’s year of graduation, and your individual needs. To receive more information, please provide us with the details requested in the form, and we’ll respond within 1 business day with our program overview and pricing details.

Why pay for a college admissions counseling service?

College Coach consultants have all worked as admissions officers at some of the nation’s most selective institutions. That means we read the essays, reviewed the applications, and made the admissions decisions. Now we help students navigate this process. Our team of full-time educational consultants are focused on your child, and dedicated to helping them create applications demonstrating their unique personalities, interests, and strengths. Equally importantly, by assisting students in finding their best college matches, our service pays you back by helping to ensure that your tuition investment is wisely spent.

What services and packages are available?

College Coach offers customized and comprehensive support based on your family’s individual needs. We also offer assistance to transfer students, international students, and those looking for advice on paying for college and college finance. For information on each of our packages, please visit our services page.

I want to apply to Graduate School. Do you offer services for students applying to Grad School?

In many cases, College Coach can assist with the graduate school application process or refer you to one of our trusted partners. Please provide your contact information and our sales director will reach out with additional details and pricing.

Does College Coach offer consulting on financial aid and college tuition planning?

Yes! College Coach has a staff of former college finance officers who can work with you to evaluate your family’s resources and create a strategy for how to pay for college whether you will qualify for financial aid or not.

What's the difference between a guidance counselor and a College Coach admissions advisor?

Your College Coach admissions advisor is there specifically for your family and to help with your student’s college process. Your guidance counselor is an important part of your college process, but they  are often stretched thin — 470 students to one advisor, according to the U.S. Department of Education* – with extremely limited time per student. They’re often off during the summer when we’re working with students on application essays. Also, unlike College Coach's team of college consultants, many guidance counselors have never sat in the decision-maker’s chair at a college.

What types of students use College Coach?

We have worked with students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 30 different countries abroad. They come from public, parochial, private day, and boarding schools, as well as home-school environments.

Are you only focused on helping students looking at elite and Ivy League schools?

College Coach helps students of all academic abilities find their best college fit. Our students have collectively been admitted to more than 600 colleges of all types across the country.  We support students interested in liberal arts colleges, research universities, military colleges, HBCUs, LGBTQ-friendly campuses, single-sex institutions, as well as highly selective and Ivy League schools.

How would College Coach help my child with deadlines?

Your consultant will guide your student on how to create an organized schedule for application completion. Your consultant will check in on progress through regular communication and can assist in creating a plan to keep your child accountable and on track. Our customers generally find that working with a College Coach expert actually saves them time and breaks up the overwhelming process into manageable pieces that fit into a busy schedule.

When is the right time to begin my child's college action plan with College Coach?

College Coach works with students throughout their high school years. Starting in 9th grade allows you to plan efficiently for college with pre-admissions support to help map out the high school plan and start building an activities resume. We also partner successfully with families who find us during their student’s senior year and anytime in between. Due to our highly personalized guidance, we are able to support your family no matter where you are in the process.

How flexible are your consultants when it comes to scheduling?

Our experts work full time for College Coach and maintain flexible calendars to accommodate busy student and family schedules.

Where are College Coach offices? What if we don’t live near a College Coach Office?

College Coach serves students and families all over the world. In the U.S., our experts are scattered throughout the country –please visit our locations page for a detailed map.  Working together with your family, we will match your child with an expert who has been identified as the best fit based on a number of different factors. That person may not be local to your area, but we have many effective means of meeting such as video chat, screen and document sharing, phone, and email.  Of course, we do offer in-person meetings where available. Many families use a combination of these methods in order to best fit their busy schedules.

What is the parents' role in the college admission process?

Our goal is to have your child own the process, and most meetings will be between advisor and student. That said, we understand that this is your investment, and we are always available by phone, email, or in person (where offered) to answer questions or address concerns.

Can we meet with the advisor before we commit?

Yes. We want to ensure that you are matched with the appropriate advisor for your needs and your child’s personality. Please contact us to discuss our offerings and to determine whether a consultation makes sense for your needs.

What is your affiliation with Bright Horizons?

College Coach is one of the family services provided by Bright Horizons. Bright Horizons also offers college advising to employers as a company benefit. For more information about the employee benefit, please visit brighthorizons.com.

My employer offers College Coach as a company sponsored benefit. How do I access my benefit information?

Some employers offer our college advising services as a benefit to employees. Visit the portal to access your benefit information and to sign-up and start using your benefits today. If you’re interested in supplementing your benefit with College Coach’s one-on-one private services, College Coach offers a Partner discount off our comprehensive packages. Please complete the form on our website and select “Employer Benefit” from the “How did you hear about us?” dropdown.  If you no longer have the Bright Horizons College Coach benefit but wish to continue receiving support, we can help! Please complete the form on this page: www.getintocollege.com/private-services.

I work in HR and I am looking to add college advising as a company benefit for our employees. How do I get started?

Working parents are increasingly distracted by concerns about their children’s education – how they’ll pay for college, whether their young children will be successful in school, navigating the college process on both the admissions and finance side, and more. Bright Horizons College Coach can address these concerns, offering relief to working parents while also saving time that might otherwise have been used at work. Visit our employer information website for more details.

I want to work for College Coach. How can I apply for a position?

You can apply to any open positions by visiting Careers at College Coach. We are always excited to speak to interested candidates, regardless of location. If you'd like to find out more about the work we do here at College Coach, please contact us at hiring@getintocollege.com.

How do I get started with College Coach?

Please call 877-40-COACH (877-402-6224) or complete this brief form to speak with someone right away and receive literature about our various service offerings.

What if I’m not ready just yet? Do you have any free resources I can explore?

Yes! We have a number of helpful resources available at no cost. These include our blog, updated several times per week with posts written by the experts themselves, and our weekly podcast, Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, available on VoiceAmerica, iTunes, Stitcher, or anywhere you get your podcasts. Our social media channels are also excellent resources. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.