College Admissions Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

What are the College Coach experts like?

College Coach experts are all former college admissions officers from selective institutions. They chose College Coach because they enjoy working with students and because they want to help them do their best in the college admissions process. All of our experts have different interests and personalities, but they share the common goal of wanting to help students achieve their goals.

How can I make my personal statement stand out?

Writing a personal statement for admissions should be a lot like telling a story. The best part: the story is about you, so you already have all the information you need. As an admissions expert, your advisor will work with you to help you discover and highlight your strengths, and to craft a personal statement that will reflect your personality and communicate your potential to an admissions officer.

So many schools sound great when I look online or read about them in guidebooks. What colleges should I apply to?

Because it’s such a personal decision, much about the college selection process can’t be found in guidebooks. You need to think about campus culture, diversity, distance from home, size, major, and what these things mean to you. College Coach will walk you through the college selection process step by step to help you find the best colleges for your interests and talents. On average, students working with a College Coach advisor complete 7 to 10 applications in their admissions process.

I’m nervous about the interview. What kind of college interview preparation do you provide?

Knowing what to expect and getting comfortable talking about your strengths and interests will help you put your best foot forward when it counts. Since our experts used to sit on the other side of the interview table, they can offer first-hand advice about what types of questions will be asked. They’ll even have a colleague conduct a mock interview to prepare you for the big day.

What part of the application process takes the most time?

Most students would say the essay, hands down. Almost all applications require at least one essay, but students applying to highly selective schools may be required to write several. These distinctive pieces of writing often require many drafts to perfect, which is why we recommend that students start writing essays in the summer before senior year if possible. Learn more about the college admissions process timeline.

How often should I meet with my college consultant?

Your College Coach expert will work with you to create a plan of action appropriate for your college admissions process and schedule. We text, email, and can use phone and videoconferencing to make connecting with us and getting the work done as easy and painless as possible.

I’m afraid I won’t get into my top-choice school. Can you guarantee I will get accepted somewhere?

College Coach customers are always happy to learn that since 1998, 100 percent of College Coach graduates have gained admission to college. In fact, 98 percent of College Coach graduates have been admitted to one of their top-choice schools. What does that mean for you? Your advisor will work with you to create a balanced list that will maximize your chances of success. As we work through your college application list with you, we’ll let you know the likelihood of acceptance for each school based on your academic record and extracurricular achievements.