College Admissions Prep Student Testimonials

See What Past College Coach Students Have to Say

"Because my counselor was a former admissions officer, she understood what really went into the decision-making process. She helped me form my application so that it would show my best qualities to the admissions committee and increase my chances of acceptance. She also gave me some great tips on how to conduct myself during a college interview, which I will use for job interviews in the future."

"My advisor was excellent at helping me write my college essays. He had a way of helping me bring out ideas on paper without leading me there, and I have never encountered another individual who can do that. The quality of advice he gave me and the professional, yet personal way in which he interacted with me was of utmost value."

"My advisor taught me how to organize all my applications, so I could prioritize my early decision school but still have enough time to finish the rest of my regular decision applications."

"Sometimes, I honestly felt like I was the only student working with my advisor (though that is definitely not the case). She was always there to help me edit my supplements, share her thoughts about a particular school, or help calm me down about the whole process. I was struggling with my personal essay, but my advisor encouraged me not to give up, and it’s now one of my favorite pieces that I have ever written. All in all, the support I received from my advisor during my college process was incredible, and I feel so lucky to have been able to work with her."

"The counselor helped me build a test strategy that included both the SAT and ACT. I sincerely believe that this was a key ingredient that got me accepted into Wesleyan."

"College Coach made the essay writing much less stressful. I actually enjoyed learning new writing techniques during the process. Most of all, it was important to have someone there to solve disagreements with my parents and to guide me through the applications."

"Without College Coach I would not have applied to George Washington. My advisor suggested it and, after visiting, I really loved it and it became my top choice school."

"The counselor gave me great direction by helping me understand how the colleges will evaluate my activities. This prioritization was a huge help in creating strong applications."