Tova Tolman

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience:
Former admissions officer at Fordham University
Former admissions officer at Montclair State University
Former admissions officer at Barnard College
Former application reader at Columbia University

Barnard College, Columbia University – Bachelor’s in Sociology
Teachers College, Columbia University – Master’s in Higher Education Administration

Like many of my College Coach colleagues, I began my career as both a tour guide and senior interviewer at my alma mater. After graduating and finding out there was a way to remain at the school I loved so dearly, I joined the Barnard admissions team.  A few years later, while pursuing my master’s degree, I briefly left admissions to be the director of student life at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  It was that experience that made me realize how much I enjoyed working closely with students.  At the same time, I missed the work of college admissions, and I knew one day I’d look for an opportunity to work on the high school side of college counseling.  My most recent experience at Montclair State helped me understand what the application process looks like outside of highly selective colleges and how to help students who may not be fully prepared for college-level work. One of my favorite past experiences was managing the athletic recruitment process at Fordham as well as a number of sports at Barnard. Understanding the inner workings of both the Ivy and Patriot athletic leagues meant I was able to guide students to find the best athletic matches as part of their college search. 

Get to know me:


I have worked with students interested in:

Science Engineering Mathematics
Pre-med Pre-veterinary Pre-law
Business Journalism Music
Architecture Computer science ROTC
Honors programs Ivy League Large state schools
Small liberal arts colleges Two-year colleges Religiously affiliated schools
Research universities

I have also worked with:

Athletes Transfer students First-generation students

Why I joined College Coach:
One of my favorite adages about the college admission process is, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” But after ten years of work on the decision-making side of admissions, I often wonder how many students understand this.  My goal is to guide students to discover what they want their college experience to look like, and then to help them realize that fit.  I also get great satisfaction from both helping families navigate the admissions process and helping students to feel empowered  to be the decision makers.

Running, snowboarding, backyard campfires, and anything involving water sports

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