Kristine Sawicki

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience
Former admissions officer at Stanford University and Reed College

Reed College – Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Why I joined College Coach:
College Coach allows me to combine the aspects I loved most about working for Reed with what I loved most about working for Stanford. At Reed we were called admissions counselors, not admissions officers, and my role was as a counselor. Our admissions process emphasized the potential in applicants, and I worked closely with students, discussing fit in our conversations. At Stanford I was more of an educator, and my presentations and conversations strove to break down the process and explain how an individual application is evaluated and a class is crafted. At College Coach I get to be both counselor and educator – I work closely with students to help them see their potential and understand institutional “fit”, while bringing understanding to the admission process. By engaging students in a thoughtful college application process, the conclusion can have multiple positive outcomes: self-discovery, pride in the applications that are submitted, and acceptance to an institution that fits.


Get to know me:


I have worked with students interested in:

Science Technology Engineering
Mathematics Pre-med Pre-law
Small liberal arts colleges Music Theater
Art Visual and performing arts Dance
Research universities Two-year colleges Computer science


I have also worked with:

International students Non-traditional students Transfer students
Students with learning differences First-generation students


I grew up in California and attended a big suburban public high school. For college, I chose Reed in Portland, Oregon, where I studied psychology with a focus in behavioral neuroscience. After a year working as a research assistant at Oregon Health & Sciences University, I switched my professional objective and taught at both the middle and high school levels and coached women’s cross-country. Eventually I made my way to admission work and spent the next eleven years at Reed, culminating in a year as Acting Dean. I later moved to California and spent a few years in the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission, where I continued to work directly with students both domestic and international.

Baking fruit tarts, picnicking in parks, crafting cards, discovering new graphic novels, and running with dogs.

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