Lauren Randle

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience:
Former admissions officer at Georgetown University
Associate Director of College Counseling – Malvern Preparatory School
Upper School Guidance and College Counselor – Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Georgetown University – Bachelor of Arts in American Studies
University of Virginia – Master of Education in Higher Education Administration 


Why I joined College Coach:
I joined College Coach because I wanted to be part of an incredible team of educators, where our experience, knowledge, and talents are pooled to best serve the broadest range of students possible.  It is inspiring to work with the top professionals in the business, collectively maximizing our students' success. Simply put, I love what I do. I consider myself a professional cheerleader of sorts; I have endless energy to cheer on every student from start to finish in what is otherwise a complicated, stressful process. When students receive their acceptance letters, it can be hard to tell which one of us is more excited about the achievement!

Get to know me:


I have worked with students interested in:

Science Engineering Mathematics
Pre-med Nursing Pre-veterinary
Pre-law Ivy League Large state schools
Small liberal arts colleges Business Visual and performing arts
Post-grad prep school year Research universities Religiously affiliated schools
Journalism Computer science Graphic design
Game design Honors programs High school admissions
Teaching/education certification


I have also worked with:

Athletes International students Non-traditional students
First-generation students


I learned firsthand about the world of highly selective admissions as a former assistant director of admissions at Georgetown University. I traveled the United States, in and out of high schools and auditoriums, to eagerly educate students and their families about the application process, and then painstakingly reviewed thousands upon thousands of applications to fill our class. I experienced the nuances of the recruitment process as the admissions liaison to the Georgetown women’s soccer team, and also understood the significance of the admissions interview as the co-coordinator for Georgetown’s alumni interviewing process. I left admissions to pursue a master of education degree at the University of Virginia to broaden my knowledge of student development theories and current trends in higher education. There I decided that it was time to work more directly with students and families at the high school level, where my support and encouragement would have a more personal impact. That desire led me across the globe to Hong Kong, where I worked at a competitive international high school helping students with their college applications to the world's best universities. My international experience offered me the opportunity to work with extraordinary students and see extraordinary places.

Planning trips to see new places, watching HGTV marathons, handwriting letters (a lost art), and eating ice cream any time of the day

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