Mary Sue Youn

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience
Former admissions officer at Barnard College and Whittier College

Cornell University – Bachelor’s in Psychology
Claremont Graduate University – Master’s in Psychology

Why I joined College Coach:
I enjoy being a “mythbuster.” There is so much about the college process that is confusing or blatantly false — and yet the misinformation still persists. As an admissions officer, I was involved in making thousands of admissions decisions every year. I would often fight in admissions committee for wonderful students who had received bad advice and didn’t immediately stand out through their application. I joined College Coach to dispel those myths about what a college is truly looking for in an applicant. The best applications reflect the student’s personality, and my job is to help students convey their personality and strengths clearly in their applications.

Get to know me:


I have worked with students interested in:

Science Technology Engineering
Mathematics Pre-med Pre-dentistry
Nursing Pre-veterinary Physical therapy
Pre-law Ivy League Large state schools
Small liberal arts colleges Business Music
Visual and performing arts Research universities Religiously affiliated schools
Two-year colleges Architecture Journalism
ROTC Computer science Game design
Honors programs Teaching/education certification


I have also worked with:

Athletes International students Transfer students
Students with learning differences


I joined College Coach after over 10 years in college admissions. My most recent position was at Barnard College of Columbia University, where I served as the senior associate director of admissions. As the senior manager of the admissions staff, I coordinated all admissions recruitment travel, and directed the application review process. I chaired the admissions committee and personally reviewed many applications from both first-year and transfer admissions applicants. Prior to my tenure at Barnard, I was an admissions counselor at Whittier College and directed the merit scholarship process for the college. My admissions career began as an alumna admissions volunteer for Cornell University while completing my graduate work in psychology at Claremont Graduate University.

Running triathlons, French horn, cooking, traveling.

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