Alex Bickford

College Finance Consultant

Finance Experience
Former Senior Financial Aid Officer – Southern New Hampshire University
Former Account Manager, Educational Financing – Citizens Bank

Southern New Hampshire University – Master’s in Business Education, Bachelor’s in Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Associate’s in Culinary Arts

Why I joined College Coach:
I joined College Coach in 2008 right before the student loan lender crisis. I saw what was happening in the industry at that time and saw a change coming in the way educational loans were going to work. I saw the opportunity with College Coach and thought that it provided a great benefit for families overwhelmed with the college finance process.

Get to know me:

What I like best about working at College Coach:
I really enjoy the variety of families and topics that we see every day. You can never go into a meeting with a family fully prepared. The variety of people, economic backgrounds, and academic levels, as well as all what goes into paying for college today, keeps you on your feet.

What I am passionate about:
I am passionate about providing educational opportunities to all. With the cost of college today, it is almost impossible for even higher income families to make college affordable, and it is even more of a challenge for those families with lower incomes. Early planning is so much more important today and, even with that, you often times need to find creative ways to fund an education.

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