Beth Feinberg Keenan

College Finance Consultant

Finance Experience
Former Senior Financial Aid Officer – Northeastern University

Scripps College – Bachelor’s in Economics
Northeastern University – Master’s in College Student Development and Counseling and Master’s in Business Administration

Why I joined College Coach:
I joined College Coach to broaden my experience in college finance. I can use the knowledge and experience that I developed in financial aid offices to guide families through a complicated process. Working at College Coach also allows me to work with families before they have seniors who are off to college and have not selected just one possible college.

What I like best about working at College Coach:
I love working with families of younger students and helping parents put the pieces together when they are thinking about saving for college yet are unsure if they will ever be able to save enough. Parents of younger children have a lot of strategies to use, like diverting their child care costs into college savings money when their children enter elementary school. The look on their faces when they realize they have a lot more ability to save for college than they thought is a wonderful reward.

What I am passionate about:
I am passionate about giving back to the community. I have the ability at College Coach to balance my work with programs for organizations and community groups that work with really high need students and families. I get to work with students who don’t know that financial aid programs exist that will make it possible for them to get a college education.

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