Cynde Quinn

College Finance Consultant

Finance Experience
Former Senior Financial Aid Officer – Hesser College
Former Consultant – Higher Education Assistance Group, Inc.

University of New Hampshire – Bachelor’s in Psychology

Why I joined College Coach:
As a former aid administrator, by the time I met with students they were on the eve of enrollment and had limited funding options. College Coach provides the forum to work with families long before enrollment commences. We are positioned to help families plan, prepare, and predict, creating more freedom and flexibility for the student.

What I like best about working at College Coach:
College Coach exposes me to an assortment of experiences and perspectives of colleagues from some of the nation’s top universities. Our customers have a wide range of backgrounds from across the states. There’s always an interesting question or new scenario to explore just around the corner.

What I am passionate about:
I’m a stickler for accuracy of information. I cringe when I read an institution’s FAQs or financial aid information and find inconsistencies, ambiguities, or outright errors. Families must be able to rely on the information to structure their higher education search and make sound financial decisions. I take pride in the accuracy of the information and advice we share with customers and I enjoy working with families to identify strategies that will help them afford their academic aspirations.

My husband and I recently adopted a young rescue gelding so my time is currently consumed with learning the basics of horse training!