Laurie Peltier

College Finance Consultant

Finance Experience
Former Senior Financial Aid Officer at Becker College
Former Senior Financial Aid Officer at Anna Maria College

Bentley University – Bachelor’s in Marketing Management
Anna Maria College – Master’s in Business Administration

Why I joined College Coach:
I joined College Coach because I was frustrated with the bureaucracy on a college campus. Change came slowly and I felt the students and their families were not getting the best information. I realized I could help more families through College Coach than at one particular college. And I liked the flexibility that College Coach provided.

Get to know me:


What I like best about working at College Coach:
The thing I like best about working at College Coach is the collaboration of my colleagues, and the response of the families. Our customers are genuinely grateful for the information we provide. And, with the varied backgrounds of our staff, we are able to cross train and learn all aspects of financing college.

What I am passionate about:
I am passionate about helping families through the financial aid process. Families are so vulnerable at that time and need all the help they can get. If I can provide one tip that may save them time or money I feel I have been successful. There is so much bad information out there; families come to realize that we can be trusted and relied upon.

spending time with my family (my husband, three teenagers, and a dog!), reading at the beach, and bike riding