How to Find the Right College Fit

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How to find the right fit for college

No matter the grades, the scores, or the goals, there is a school out there for everyone.

Every college and university throughout the country is unique in mission, composition, and character, but they all share a common goal: finding students who are the best “fit” for their respective campuses. 

What Admissions Officers Are Looking For

Admissions officers read each application with a goal of finding students who will contribute to their campus. Some colleges are looking for students with stellar academic records and a passion for making their part of the world a better place. Others are looking for students who have demonstrated excellence in their particular subject matter or craft. Still others want to prepare students for future jobs or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Our Team Works To Find The Best College For You

At College Coach, we are confident that there’s a school for everyone — and we work to help students find that school. We help them make sense of their aspirations, dreams, and academic and extracurricular interests, and we help them find the schools that make for good matches. And when the match — or in most cases, matches — has been made, we make sure students craft applications that speak to their “fit” on that specific campus; that illustrate why they merit strong consideration.

It’s an art, really. But an art in which the College Coach expert team has had plenty of practice.

As former admissions officers, College Coach college consulting experts know what colleges are looking for. Applications should be approached with an overall plan that includes goals for crafting stories that demonstrate the student’s match for that college. The more successfully a student shows that he or she has the academics, achievements, or goals that a college seeks, the better the odds that he or she will be admitted.