How College Coach's Admission Assistance Works

How College Coach Works

We know the college admissions process is tough. Our college consulting services are designed to help your student succeed. At College Coach, former college admissions and financial aid officers — experts in both what colleges are looking for and how admissions and financial aid decisions are made — use a highly personalized approach to get to know students as individuals with unique strengths. Though all of our experts are highly qualified on their own, they often leverage the knowledge base of the entire team for tricky decisions, gut checks, and consensus building on key elements such as essays, extracurricular options, and curriculum choices. A primary customer service contact is also available to turn to with questions or concerns throughout the process. Working with the College Coach team, you and your family will never be on your own.

Our experts work with students in person and via phone, email, and videoconference, depending on the needs of the family.

College Coach college consulting services can include:

High School Planning

Decisions made during each year of high school will impact your future college options. College Coach experts can guide you on curriculum choices, summer activities, jobs, and other choices throughout your high school years to pave the way for a successful college application process.

Creating a College List

We work with students to create a personalized list of colleges — the right fits for individual needs, interests, and qualifications — and give you an honest assessment of your chances of getting in.

Application Planning, Timeline & Organization

College Coach will help you create a manageable schedule, ensuring you save time, stay on track, and meet application deadlines.

College Application Presentation

College Coach can help you discover and share the story that is uniquely yours. Our experts work with students to highlight who they are and what they have accomplished in a way that allows admissions officers to understand the perspective and contributions they’ll bring to campus, which in turn helps our students stand out.

College Essay Services

A college application essay needs more than correct grammar to be powerful. College Coach helps students present their best possible writing to colleges, writing that is reflective, articulate, and that speaks to who the student is.

College Interview Strategy

College Coach experts use their years of conducting college interviews to help students better understand interview questions, respond in the best ways possible, and use the interaction to demonstrate their genuine interest in the school.


Who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask for in a college recommendation — your expert will guide you.

College Finance Consulting

Our team of college finance experts can offer assistance with understanding your options for paying for college, scholarship search strategies, tactics for managing the financial aid and scholarship application documents, and guidance on how to negotiate and/or appeal financial aid/scholarship awards.